Life P2 Dropping Connection with Teams

Hi all,
I have just recently received my Life P2s and am loving them so far. I do have one connection issue that is troubling me.
Due to the fact that I’ve worked from home for nearly 30 years and that obviously hasn’t changed due to Covid, I mostly have my P2s connected to my Surface Book 2 running Windows 10 20H2. They seem to be able to maintain a rock solid connection when listening to music or watching videos, however, they frequently drop the connection when I’m on Teams. The audio will be fine for a while and then I’ll lose voice audio while hearing some odd tones through the buds. Switching to another audio device in Teams and then switching back to the P2s sometimes will fix the problem but not always. I’ve done the reset procedure.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I’ve had that problem with my Spirit Dot 2 as well. It sounds like a hardware issue so reach out to about it.

Could be the LP2 hardware, but also could be a windows issue software/hardware.

Try also making sure your Wifi connection is 5Ghz. Most routers have the same SSID for 2.4 and 5, if so then change the SSID for one and ensure connected to the 5Ghz SSID. That forces it to only use 5Ghz.

Some laptops share the antennae for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, share for Wifi and Bluetooth. Some of the bluetooth profiles require more bandwidth than others, so you may be needing more bandwidth in some apps more than others. Bluetooth uses 2.4Ghz so forcing Wifi off from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz helps some bluetooth issues.

Chances are in Teams you are using headset profile, that forces the LP2 to forward the sound from one bud to the other, doubling the 2.4Ghz congestion.

Try then to delete and re-add the hardware in Windows, it sometimes kicks Windows to grab the latest drivers.

If it is the LP2 hardware, then more proactive in proving it isn’t Windows the faster Soundcore will accept its their need to replace unit. You’d also feel a fool waiting to get replacement, to then have the same problem, as it was not the LP2 but issue elsewhere.

There are many issues mentioned in all the forums about Windows 10 and bluetooth. Probably the single biggest problem, followed by Mac Big Sur.

Ok, it apparently is a fairly common problem with the Teams desktop app. As I mentioned in my original post they are rock solid when listening to music or playing videos so the whole Bluetooth/WiFi/Windows 10 mentioned is most definitely not the problem.
Until Microsoft fixes the Teams issue I can either use the web version of Teams, or use Teams on my Android phone. Both work as expected with no drop outs.

In that case it’s getting knarled in the headset vs headphones issue Windows 10 issue. When using music / videos you’re in headphones mode, then teams, which wants to use microphone, then forces headset mode.

Until Windows audio is rewritten, find whichever workaround is least irksome for you.

Some workaround method: