life p2 auto connection issue

Even after putting the earbuds(life p2) in their case, they are still connected to my phone. I want it to be closed when I put it in the case and automatically connect when I take it out of the case. Is there a way to do this?

You have a hardware issue. The buds normally turn off/on as they enter/leave the case.


  • try resetting the buds, as you’d be asked this anyway later.
  • did you put on larger tips? They sometimes prevent the buds fully inserting and typically then interfere with everything including charging. No good alternative if this is the problem just push in firmly.

  • begin support warranty process after the above failed they’ll need proof of purchase, serial number and will ask you to reset etc so tell them all you tried already.

Make sure there is no dust or anything else inside the case that may interfere with the buds