Life Note case shows charging indication, but the light goes off after a while even though the case is not charged

It has been just a week I bought these Anker Life note earbuds.

The issue I am facing is that I got a red light on my case so I decided to charge it. I plugged it in with a adapter 5V and 0.2 A. The case showed white light but the light went off after a while. I thought it was charged. It drained again after a little use and showed ref light as I write you this email. I plugged them in to charge and after a minute the white indicator light disappeared again and doesnt tell me if its charging or not.

Try using a different cable and wall plug to charge the case.

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Yes i did that as well. now what I noticed is that when I leave it on the white light turns back on after a while and goes off again

I mean my case shows a red light I plug it in. it shows a white light, the white light then goes off after a while. it turns back on and then goes back off. this is what is happening. but I left my case on charging for the night I think it got charged though

Check for debris in the case port, if you have already tried different cable and charger.

Also clean the case and bud pins with isopropyl alcohol and let them dry.

If after that they don’t charge I’d suggest dud unit and email with serial number, proof of purchase, fault description and what you’ve attempted to do so far. Hopefully you bought it from an approved distributor who can do replacement, if Anker is convinced the unit is a dud they usually tell you to dispose of it yourself and not return.

Maybe the case has gone bad

That is what is suppose to happen the light turns off and on and when it’s fully charge it becomes a solid white light

Well it stay solid white for 3mins approx. then it turns off for the same amount of time. and left it on charge and woke up to no light at all, but I think it did get charged