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I got the chance to try out these earbuds and holy smokes, I’m so glad I was this lucky! The packaging to me is very important, it’s the first impression you get from a product. As usual with Anker, this comes very well packed in a box that’s sturdy and very protective (I’m even keeping it).

Inside the box are the earbuds, a nice little pouch that has a small pocket inside, a microUSB charging cable, a microUSB to 3.5mm jack so you can use these wired, and some extra earbud tips in different sizes.

What I loved the most is all the options you get when using the Soundcore app and buttons. I love how I can change sound settings using the EQ on the app, activate and deactivate noise cancellation, change how buttons works and what they do and basically control all of my music without even having to look at my phone.

Sound quality is great, my favorite EQ mode is Bass Boost, I think it really brings out the bass without it being too much, but also all other ranges of sound are crisp and clear. The volume is perfect, I can have them loud enough to appreciate all the sounds but also low enough to enjoy music and be aware of my surroundings. I like to active the transparent sound mode at the office, which lets some of the outside noise come through so I can hear my colleagues or the phone ringing.

These are quite comfortable, you almost don’t even notice they’re around your neck, which is very important to me. The magnets on the end of each earbud are a nice touch too so you can keep them nicely stored in the pouch.

Battery life is GREAT. I’ve used these for hours without yet having to charge it, but the good thing is if I did run out of battery, I’ve got the adapter to use it wired and keep listening to my music. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone, they’re worth every cent!


Thanks for your review. Good job :thumbsup:

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nice review!

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Congratulations on winning! Nice review with nice pictures.

In question, are these loud enough to listen to them over a lawn mower? I do professional landscaping… also, would you recommend them for landscaping in general?

You made a good job.
One thing you could make: Put in a space between the photos. :wink:

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Great review and I second what @Chiquinho mentioned about the photos.

I do love the pouch that’s included as it has a separate zipper compartment for the accessories

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Great job with the review! I’ve heard a ton of good things about these. :slight_smile:

Excellent review and pictures @Stefanybaez1 thanks for sharing!

You did a great job reviewing them :+1:

Great review! I still can’t get over the whole neck band thing. I might have to try one just to see if it works for me. Good thing bestbuy has a great return policy!

Simple, informative, and well done. Thanks for the good pictures too!

Thanks for sharing your objective product experience with us!
Look forward to hear from you more!

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Great pictures and review!

nice reviews and great pictures…look like Anker keep on improving their boxing way to go

Great review @Stefanybaez1 That is great you loved these earbuds! Another satisfied Anker user!

Thanks for sharing the review, great details and photos.

Nice review thank you for including picture they make it so much more worth while

Nice review!

I guess we don’t get a follow up on this at all :pensive:. @Chiquinho will be disappointed that there are no spaces in between the photos :joy: