Life Dot 2 power issues

Bought a pair of Life 2s a couple days ago, first had an issue of the left earbud not powering on at all, now it randomly drops connection or just completely reboots, any known fixes?

We are sorry to hear your headphones are not working properly. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual. Please try the following steps to see if it helps at all.

  1. Confirm the charging case has power left
  2. Ensure all charging contact pins on the earbuds and charging case are completely clean and dry of sweat and water. Then put earbuds correctly into the case. (use kind of cotton swabs with alcohol to clean the contacting pin both on earbuds and charging case, and make sure the contacting pins aren’t stuck.)
    When you put the earbuds back into the charging case, the breath white to indicate both earbuds are charging normally.
  3. Connect the case with the included USB-C cable and plug it into a USB power source.

If the issue still persists, don’t worry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.