Libertycore earbuds die after 10 minutes

My daughter gave me her Libertycore earbuds because they didn’t stay in her ears when she was working out. I didn’t get around to using them for a couple months - around the time pandemic came around, which then became an issue trying to return them to the store I bought them at. My son has the same model and they work great, but the pair I have only last about 10 minutes before they go dead. I’ve tried various combinations of switching charging and earbuds with my sons, which work, but with the same results. Do I just have a bad pair and am I out of luck having bought it through a retailer (and now don’t have the receipt)?

Well, you can not really say that they were totally bad as your daughter had them for a bit before she gave them to you.

I have only one thought before you contact customer service to see if the would do anything.

Since it has been a few months and she was working out in them, I would try check the earbuds connectors and do a little cleaning of the earbud connectors and the case as well.