Liberty + Update

Further update on the Zolo Liberty+ after 48 hours.

Thankfully the coarse top end has disappeared now and the drivers have loosened which has made a big difference to the overall sound. For me, the medium ear tips allow for the most comfortable fit and best sound - obviously this will vary for everyone.

The battery case is great, save for the flimsy lid which feels like it would snap in the wind, the charging functionality and being able to pop the buds in and charge in my bag back and forth to work is a God send. Usually I’d have to have a pair of buds tethered to our cars USB socket to charge but the case takes care of this admirably, as well as storing them safely. It looks and feels very nice and lots of people have been very complimentary about it and also the buds.

There is a bug which others have noted in that even after being on charge for hours, the battery life shows at 80% - very strange. Hopefully this can be fixed in a later update but for now makes for a mildly annoying issue.

The only small criticism I have is the lack of APTX which, at their claimed RSP should really have been included as this robs these very capable buds of outright top end. By this I mean there is a lack of sparkle to the treble which is evident when wearing wired earbuds or headphones. It’s not bad, but when you go back to the Liberty + after wearing headphones the difference is quite noticeable. It can be improved by using some manual EQ but this adds some colouration to the sound.

Apart from this, they are proving to be comfortable and easy to live with and the overall sound is excellent - well balanced with good low end which isn’t flabby or over pronounced. Oh and the transparency functionality is nuts, like the environment in binaural audio!

For anyone wanting to give them a good workout, try the following tracks;
From the Gravity OST; Tiangong and Shenzou - absolutely incredible pieces of music that really show off the Liberty+ ability to create soundstage and a sense of spacial sound
From the Inception OST; Dream Within a Dream and Time. Both are a stern test of scale and dynamic range and the Liberty+ nails both of them without breaking a sweat, even at high volume
Finally, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is a great test of fidelity - you can pick out every instrument and the opening 30 seconds is a great demo of how the buds can convey realism with the plucks on the guitars and kick of the drum. Impressive!

That’s it for now, my unboxing experience video will be on my YouTube channel soon followed by a review soon after.

Any questions, fire away :+1:


Awesome, thanks for the review! Have you been using the Liberty+ at home or outside?

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Both, although more inside than out. As they’re so well isolated in your ear drum there’s no real loss of quality, but the transparency feature is a must for spacial awareness with these or you could end up getting knocked over!

Have you noticed there is more conectivity issues when outside? I know bluetooth 4.xx in the past had issues when outdoors as opposed to when indoors.

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Haven’t had any issues so far, connection has been solid and there’s no latency issues with music. Video has some noticeable latency but I found it sorted itself out during video playback.

Hope this helps :+1:

Now you made me want one!

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Seriously, worth every penny so far. I like them more every day and this is coming from a die hard wired headphones fan. They do need to introduce a custom EQ option though as the current presets are not going to suit everyone. However, they’re nicely constructed and the charging case seems to go on for days and days.

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Thanks for answering, I juse realized you have the + model so that could factor into why you haven’t had issues outside since it uses bluetooth 5.0 and not the previous revision.

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Thanks a lot, you have given us more confidence to improve the product!:muscle:

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