Liberty series case charging LED

Hi all,

Right now the LED’s on the charging cases of all the Soundcore earbuds provide minimal feedback to the users.

Can that be changed so that with the earbuds in case and charging then the outside LED’s become charging status indicators, switching off when the bud is fully charged.

Still have the rear button press indicate the case charge level, that’s fine, but most people want to know when the earbuds themselves are fully charged without removing from case, opening the app and connecting to the earbud.

I’m sure this is a simple change and would use minimal additional power, I for one would rather know a) that the earbud is actually charging and b) when it’s fully charged.

All the best

The earbuds dont take long to charge so when placed in the case they charge until full. So they should always be fully charged unless your case is dying. Also most phones show the state of charge of the connected BT device. The case leds are soley just for the cases charge level

Hi Tank,

Thanks for your feedback, but I can tell you I’ve taken my buds out and found 1 with only 40% charge on more than 1 occasion.

What I’ve proposed is a minimal cost free change which most users would find useful, please treat the suggestion as such.