Liberty Pro 2 can't connect to app

Just bought a pair of Liberty Pro 2 earbuds and they connect to my phones Bluetooth fine but the app says “an error occurred. Please try again.” I have reset my phone, deleted the app, unpaired the earbuds, had the case open with earbuds in, closed with them out. I have tried everything that I can think of and still nothing.

As far I remember the chronological order of the connections is important.
But I don’t know for sure.

There’s always the possibility of a dud unit but before you contact support:

  • Plug the case into power and keep it connected overnight
  • Turn your phone bluetooth off.
  • Delete your phone’s pairing.
  • If Android then delete the bluetooth cache. Either boot to recovery and wipe cache and boot, or settings, apps, show system, bluetooth, force stop, storage, wipe cache, reboot.
  • Turn your phone off.
  • Reset the buds while connected to power.
  • pair normally
  • connect in the app. You do need to hit the connect button after you’ve scrolled around to find the matching audio product. A common issue is folks attempt to connect to a similar looking product incorrectly. In your case there’s Liberty Pro 2, Liberty Pro 2+ (upgraded), etc. Easy mistake to make as Soundcore is releasing a great many products with similar names.

If doesn’t work 1st time, then do it all again 2nd time.

If after all that, doesn’t work, then email support.

Note this community is the wrong place to ask, you should have asked in the and emailed support.

Dont agree!
I am sure often we can do better than the others!
No “point farmers” here! :rofl:

Partly agree.

There is no official support from anyone here for some months.

Soundcore support do not read here, but they do read - their average response time is a few days.

Fastest is non-official support, such as here, next fastest is email official support.

Yes, the Soundcore community often becomes point-farming place. Shame. Support threads stand out more when not pushed behind the half dozen doing their daily music thread.

So we can give them this link.
Otherwise we should help if we can do.
Better than “point farming”! :smile:

Can try this but as said may need to call support