Liberty+ - pair with multiple devices?

How can I pair with and switch between multiple devices with my Zolo Liberty+? I found a discussion where someone recommended pairing with one device, then turning BT off on that device, putting the buds in the case, removing them from the case, and pairing with a second device, and then turning the first device back on. They indicated they were able to have theirs connected to both at once - one for media, and one for calls. Is there a supported method of switching back and forth between multiple devices? On other headphones/headsets, it’s as simple as a long-press of one of the buttons to cycle between host devices.


Unfortunately, the Liberty earbuds can only be connected with one device at a time. It can “remember” multiple devices (for example: if Device A is not in range, it will instead connect to Device B), but it can’t connect to both devices at once.


Don’t think you can.

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