Liberty Neo Losing Charge Quicker and Quicker

I love these little guys and use them almost daily. Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m getting less and less time before they go dead. Also, the charging case never seems to get fully charged anymore. In the past, all three lights would glow a solid glow when fully charged. Now, when it gets to three lights, the third will pulse like it’s still charging. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, any solutions or ways to power cycle the case and headphone?

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Do you fully discharge your earbuds before recharging? You’re supposed to do this about once every 3 months…

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Just about every 3 months. Probably a little less sometimes.

I don’t know then. I’ve heard freezing battery’s can help restore them :man_shrugging:. You might be able to read something about that…

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I have experience the 3rd light glowing all the time. But that started happening almost since I got them


The light pulses as it’s still charging, it does slow down the charge speed but until its solid it’s not fully charged. As for the earbuds themselves, how long are they lasting? And at what volume

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Right, but the problem is that the light never stops pulsing. So it’s almost like it can’t reach a full charge so it keeps trying.

I’ve been getting about 2-1/2 hours of use at around 10% volume. The volume is low enough for me to still clearly hear everything going on around me.

Contact support, sounds defective

I was wondering about that, but wanted to see if anyone else may have had a similar issue and resolve for it. Thanks, @Tank!

The fellow forgot the earbuds to freeze.
But may be he has them in the pocket.

Lol! They are. He was trying to keep them warm. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tiny things need to be kept warm! :rofl:

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Have you tried cleaning the case and earbuds? @TechMan my grandmother would free batteries all the time.

My Pair had the same problem, but I lost them last week, so I guess problem solve.

Time for the Liberty 2 Pros, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol. Sorry to hear you lost them. That really does stink.

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I guess is time, I need to do some research. Make sure what could work for me. They used to work for me but of course not perfect.

I like the Liberty 2 Pros so much more than the Neos. They’re more comfortable, last longer, sound better, and stay in my ear better.

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Yes, but $149 that’s Airpods territory right there. And with out been able to test them Its kind of hard to make that commitment.

Airpods suck and doesn’t have anything on the liberty 2 pro in terms of sound quality. Heck even the liberty air sound better than the airpods