Liberty+ low volume only on my Samsung Note 9

My Liberty + earbuds worked perfectly with my Note9 until I had to send the phone for repair. When the fixed phone came back and I connected it to my Liberty+ the volume on both sides of the earbuds dropped significantly and it’s very low now. I tried to change the audio configurations of my phone, but nothing worked.
Cleaning the earbuds is not the solution, since the volume level is perfect when connected to other phones or my laptop.
Please help

Try to completely remove the Bluetooth profile on your Note 9 for these Liberty + headset and re-pair the Bluetooth connection

Let us know how it goes

Thanks, but after unpairing and re-pairing the volume is still low.

May need to reset the Liberty+… there was some video, let me check to see the links and provide it

You do know, the phone volume controls the earphones volume?

Try this… Download Poweramp (defo on Android not sure if apple)

Once downloaded, open

Go to settings and do a REACAN

then open folders
And play whatever track

Now, click on the little graph type image… This is your audio settings.

Select the EQ.
the very first one is preamp, now give this a push upwards… Does that make a difference?

The app used to be free for 14 days… I paid for full licence and never regretted it.

Thanks, a video that shows how to reset would be helpful. I found written instructions (put back to charger-remove-tap twice on both earbuds), but I tried and it don’t seem to reset.

MacBlank thanks, phone volume controls is all the way up. No volume control on earbuds.
I’m not sure the Poweramp option is the solution, since the volume on my Note9 is high enough with other Bluetooth devices connected to it.

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I reset the earbuds and the volume is perfect again


Glad your Liberty+ issue is resolved, managed to fix it yourself :+1: