Liberty Lite not charging left ear bud

I have a pair of Liberty Lites that I love but recently when i put them into the charging case i noticed the left ear but didnt light up to show it was charging. Now it has died and I can no longer use it. I have cleaned the ear bud and the case, but nothing seems to activate the charging anymore. Thoughts on other steps or am I just SOL. got a can of air?

If so, give a really quick blast inside the case, and over the terminals on the buds. See if that helps.

The third dot on the “inside” (the bit with terminals n.goes inside ear) is a closeness sensor. Make sure that’s clean too.

Yep, tried all of the above when cleaning the case and bugs previously.

I think your best shot would be to contact Anker ( to see what they can do for you. Their supports amazing honestly

You can also try cleaning the liberty lite. There is a tutorial here.

If that doesn’t work than contact soundcore support at

Good luck!

There must have been something I couldnt see on the connection. I cleaned them for the 3rd time and it appears to be connecting now. I will update if this is a fluke, but seems to be the resolution.

us a multimeter and see if the pins in case is outputting 4.2 V

All good here, there was just some gunk on one of the connectors, I swear i cleaned them off according to instructions a few times. Thanks all.


Well at least sorted.

Perfect! That’s what I figured it was :wink:

good to hear your resolution :thumbsup: