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Here is my review that I posted on Amazon. Here is a link to the product listing on Amazon:

I purchased these right after they were listed and available for purchase on Amazon. I have followed the development of these earbuds since their kickstarter last summer. I was unable to back the kickstarter at that time, though I wanted to. You can say, I have been highly anticipating these earbuds and after all of that anticipation, I am thoroughly satisfied with this great, but far from perfect product. Here is my review.

These earbuds are a great attempt at achieving a truly wireless pair of earbuds without compromising as many have done in the past. I am reminded of my first foray into truly wireless earbuds, the Samsung Gear Icon X, and although the sound was passable, the battery life was frustrating. I then moved to bluetooth earbuds that had a cable that attached both earbuds and I was satisfied with those. For most purposes, these earbuds are great, and perhaps for you, they will be enough. I am most interested in TRULY-WIRELESS earbuds and with that, I find myself being optimistic with these.

These earbuds excel where my previous pairs of fully-wireless earbuds failed. The sound in the Liberty+ are a step above any others I’ve used. The bass is seriously good, which is something I desire in earbuds. The mids are OK; not bad but not great either. The high frequencies are very good in my opinion. They can be screechy at really high volumes with a couple of the EQ options depending on the songs, but in 90% of my testing, across many different genres, they produced brilliant audio in this regard.

The fit that I was able to achieve with these earbuds were great as well! After some fiddling with the included gripfit jackets and eartips, I found a fit that I think is near impossible to break. I used the largest jacket with the medium short tip and even after running, and doing sprints they withstood the jostling and contorting of my head during the exercises.

I am amazed by the battery life that Zolo is offering with this package deal. I say package deal because the earbuds themselves don’t boast incredible battery life, but with the convenient charging case where the buds live while not in use, you get a crazy amount of battery life. Zolo claims that you will get 3.5 hours of battery life per charge, but that you will get an additional 48 hours of battery life with the charging case. During my use I have only charged the case the initial time out of the box and despite heavy use over the last few days, I am still at ~70% power in the charging case (⅔ LEDs lit up).
One great positive is the convenient pairing of these earbuds; when I take them out of the charging case, they are already paired to my phone right they are put in my ears. Within seconds they are playing music and the controls on the earbuds themselves are intuitive; single press of the button on either earbud for pausing, double press for Google Assistant/Siri and others. Without a doubt, Zolo gets A LOT right with these earbuds.

With all products, there are some downsides despite all of the good that is accomplished. And despite how much I have enjoyed using these earbuds, there are a lot of things I don’t like about them. I’m willing to overlook some things, weak mids – OK, somewhat bulky design – OK, but there are things that need to be addressed before the second generation/iteration of the Liberty comes to market.

There are noticeable latency issues with the Liberty+ earbuds. I consume a considerable amount of content from YouTube and using the Liberty+ is frustrating whenever I am watching videos where someone is speaking to the camera. The sounds coming out of their mouths are a millisecond behind and sometimes it is worse than that. This a great disappointment to me because I enjoy YouTube so much. I am hoping that they can address this in a future software update, because it makes any video content a bad experience.

Also, the ‘Zolo Life’ app is somewhat disappointing. Compared to other apps that have been developed for the Liberty+ competitors the EQ settings are hollow. You only have the choices between Pop, Jazz, EDM, Classical and Balanced. An equalizer that allowed the user to be more specific about what kind of sound they wanted would be great. This is a feature that people using Jaybird and Bose earbuds have already been enjoying and I am hoping that as time goes on, Liberty+ users will have more options. The ‘Zolo Life’ app is just unimpressive and half the time doesn’t recognize that the buds are connected to my phone even though my phone says they are. Hopefully, future updates will improve functionality of the app, like previous updates have improved it.

Last of my gripes about the device has to do with connectivity. There are infrequent times when sound will only play from the right bud and when they won’t connect to my phone out of the case. During these times I have to put the buds back in the case and then pull them back out again to sort of reset them. This can be frustrating, but thankfully has only happened a handful of times.

All in all, I am happy with this purchase decision. I paid full retail price at $150 and I truly believe it was worth it. Knowing Anker, the company behind this apprentice brand Zolo, it is only a matter of time before there will be satisfying discounts of this product. The value of these buds will only improve in time as the minor kinks are worked out and the user experience is refined. I believe in Anker as a company and I am optimistic that if any of the more frustrating issues arise with my pair, they will be swift in fixing them.

All of this being said, I rate these a 4.5 out of 5. They aren’t a perfect product, but might get there with some refinements or future iteration.

Sound: B+
Fit: A
Battery Life: A
Connectivity: B
Convenience: B+

I highly recommend this product, but I also caution you, be prepared for some growing pains.


Good on your review, glad they are working for you. I have them but mines got the low volume in the right earbud going on. Hopefully you don’t run into that and keep on jamming out

I managed to get the earbuds to last a full range hour work shift with me charging them on my two 15 minute breaks and my half hour dinner break. Can’t beat that for lasting all night when I needed them

For sure, the battery life on these things are great! I listen to them a bit every day and ive never completely killed them. And aside from initally charging them to full, I’ve only had to charge the case once now.

Great review I like the eq suggestion in the zolo life app

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Nice review! I really like the idea of these, and am considering them in the long term as a replacement for my 1st generation IconX earbuds. I’ll have to see how they mature over time - it’s possible that the app could be updated with suggestions like your EQ customization.

Nice review! I also occasionally have the issue where the left bud doesn’t automatically come on when removed from the case. Hopefully it can be addressed in a future firmware update.

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As someone who had a pair of the 1st gen IconX, I think you will be VERY pleased with the Liberty+.

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I would wait for a month as Anker is currently updating the speaker grill to not be so easily blocked by ear oils/wax. I personally have not experienced this problem despite very heavy use but have seen others on the forum who have. But the sound quality and form factor are great and by far my favorite headphones.

If I get them, it would definitely be more than a month from now - realistically, the next opportunity would be Christmas 2018, since I don’t have the money to get them myself. The IconX are fine, and I’m continuing to use them, but they do have their quirks and faults, so their replacement will most likely be the Liberty+.

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Thanks for your optimistic review!

Excellent review. It’s always good to read a review that comes from the heart. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. :slight_smile:


Great review! Lots of detailed information about the torch.

Personally, if I were waiting until Christmas, I would not get the liberty+ unless it was heavily discounted. By that time I would be very surprised if something better hadn’t come along perhaps by Anker themselves.

If the liberty+ dropped to ~$100 it would be compelling at the end of the year, but I’d wager that the next generation of pixelbuds will be out as well as a couple different offerings from some of the bigger audio manufacturers like Sony, Bose, beats, etc competing in the same price bracket.

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Great in depth review. :clap:t2::clap:t2:

I’d love to see a second generation of the pixelbuds by then, but I can only hope that they offer a true wireless version.

As for the other big names: I do like Sony’s products quite a bit, and would certainly consider a pair. The Bose wireless buds look nice, but unless they had a price drop to around $100, I wouldn’t get them. Beats might start offering wireless buds, but they don’t yet, and I’ve seen no indication that they will, so if they release anything, it probably will be too close to the holiday season to see any decent sales.

The short list right now is the 2018 version of the IconX, the Liberty+, and the Dash Pro by Bragi. It really comes down to how the reviews for each look a few months from now, and what the sales look like - I got my current IconX for $50 during a 24-hour flash sale, so if any of them pop up for less than $100 on Black Friday, then I’ll probably pull the trigger.

IMO Google would be silly not to make PixelBuds gen2 truly wireless. The cable that connects the two of them is neat as you use it to get a secure fit, but I find adjoining cables to be annoying.