Liberty + Connection problems

My first set of Liberty + buds went bad very quickly after I bought them. Wouldn’t connect to my iPhone. That was right after the kickstarter sales ended. Anker did the right thing and replaced them after checking the serial number and telling me they were aware of problems. I appreciated it.

The next set worked well until a couple of months ago. Now this set is doing the same thing. If it connects at all which is maybe one in a million tries, it drops it immediately.

All my software/firmware on my devices is up to date. If they update the buds firmware and that would somehow fix this, I can’t connect to update so it doesn’t matter.

Very unhappy and owner of what seems to be useless wireless earbuds. This is the only Anker product I have had problems with. I know my warranty expired not too long ago, but this product was barely used and a physical examination of it would back that up 100%. This shouldn’t happen.

I would love to take a chance on the upcoming Liberty 2 Pro buds, but at the moment I have no confidence I won’t face the same problem.

Step up Anker/Zolo/Soundcore!

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Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Liberty+. I don’t see a lot of issues with these. I would suggest contacting support with your issues maybe try and get a supervisor involved. Make sure to tell them everything you tired. Other than contacting support there isn’t much I know short of resetting and unpairing the earbuds from your phone and do the process over again… Contact support at

Someone will comment here in a little while that may have some tricks to get your Liberties working again.

You can contact support and let them know what’s going on. They might give you a discount on the liberty pro 2, rather then replace them. You would have to ask.

If it’s any consolation, I haven’t had any issues with my liberty air…