liberty Air will not stay connected for bluetooth if my samsung watch is connected via bluetooth.

My liberty air ear buds will not stay connected via bluetooth to my phone if my phone is also bluetooth connected to my samsung watch. Any suggestions.

Is your watch acting as speakerphone?

Phone can only have one BT speaker connected, so if your smartwatch is acting as speakerphone it will disconnect buds and viceversa.

Look in your smartwatch or app for ways to disable “use watch for calls” type.

Every combination is unique. I am on Android with Wear OS and a Fossil Watch which has speaker. On my setup, I have to go to my watch and ensure in settings, bluetooth I don’t have “play phone voice call on watch” so my buds stay connected. During a call I can still switch audio device between speaker, watch, buds, but the default is my buds.

Make sense? Good luck!

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