Liberty Air - strong noise on left ear piece

Hello guys, I now own the Liberty Air and have previously used the Liberty Lite. The Liberty Lite have a lot of noise on both ear pieces and besides the ergonomics that’s the main reason why I wanted to try the Liberty Air. I could tell that with 3 different Liberty Lite products.
The Liberty Air arrived today. First, I tried the right ear piece and was surprised how good it sounds and the best - no noise! Then the left ear piece, the big disappointment - strong noise.

The sound, ergonomics and so on, I think is really great, but the strong noise in the left ear makes me crazy.

Can other owners (or Anker) of the Liberty Air tell if they have this problem? Preferably with soft / calm songs, because some people can hear noise only weak anyway.

Many Thanks!

Have you checked them with other devices?
If you still have the same issue, seems like these are defective.

You might contact the support.
There is no problem, they will help you.
The answer may take a while.

Yeah tried it on my Huawei Mate 10 Pro and on my PC. On both - very strong noise from the left ear piece.

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So write an email to the support. :relaxed:

What kind of noise are you talking about? When these seal up against the ear, as with any passive noise canceling earbuds you will tend to get feedback from ones own body. Some people say they can hear their blood flowing or their own breathing and such can become bothersome so they change the eartips to adjust the sound to their liking. A too good of a deal is bothersome for them but when changed to a slightly open air seal it is much better.

Maybe try changing the eartips and seeing if you notice any difference. Also try changing the source and music to see if it changes also.

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I don’t know the correct translation for this noise in English. Translator says: sough (definition sounds right) or “swoosh”

It’s not my blood flow. I only hear it, when music starts and the speaker is activated. If you pause the music you can hear it a few seconds even without the music. Then it stops because the speaker gets deactivated.

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The fact that you can hear it for a few seconds after the music stops says it’s not the speaker itself. Once music stops it stops, there is no delay in the speaker being deactivated.
Are you sure you do not have tinitusor are experiencing tinitusor due to the earbuds? Some people experience rythmic thumping, whooshing sounds or noise where as they never experience it otherwise, and yes it can be attributed to certain earbuds and how you listen to music.

elmo41683 Thanks but I asked for people which have the same product. Your input is not helpful and you have clearly no clue!
A lot of BT speaker (not only the BT Headsets) have this delay before the speaker gets in standby (or temporally “deactivated”) after music stops! For example my JBL Flip 4 (no headset!). And it’s only a few seconds audible if they have this sough noise. But you can’t hear it if you have a) no BT Speaker/ Headset with such noise or b) a small sense for this sough noise. And I’m not the only one who can hear it in my circle of acquaintances.

My brother had the same problem (Metallic/harsh sound on left bud) when he purchased the liberty air.

He exchanged them at Best buy and the new set works perfectly.

If I were you I would exchange them from wherever you purchased them.

My apologies and I meant no disrespect,I was one of the first to have these earbuds and have not experienced any such noises. But as @Jesse_Hernandez1 mentioned try returning or exchanging them if possible. Otherwise reach out to and let them know the issues you are having

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Owner of Liberty Lite now

Yeah this is exactly what I get from my own. It might be just that. Not sure but the liberty lite does do a good job at sound isolation to me.

I’m testing it right now. I think it’s just my own breathing and that white noise I get I think is sorta going to happen maybe no matter what since it plugs my ears a lot? If I had ear plugs i could try to test that too but I’m pretty sure it is just because of that.

They sound good to me though.


I just tried them on last night and I just did notice some noise coming from the earbuds. No idea if this is normal between wireless earbuds. I probably didn’t notice with background noise or something in the morning. Is a little weird not sure what to do.