Liberty Air Sound Cut Problem

When i using android, sound is cutting every 3 seconds. That happening in just android phones. Has anyone noticed problems with earbuds?
I followed pairing by the book and even did a reset on them to see maybe if that was the issue.
Thanks for the help.

If you made already all steps ( after resetting the buds, deleting the bt list of the phone and pair the buds again)… and now the issue still exists you should ask the support.
They will help you, no worries. :wink:


Used them on my old android phone a few times and had basically no issues, I’d listen to Chiquinho and contact support !

The support will help you.

But may be here are other specialists who have an idea to resolve your problem.
I am not as much familiar with those buds and an android phone, but the ANKER forum is always ready to help.
You will see. :grin:

What phone are you using to pair these with?

Are they bt5?

Are you using android pie?

I’m finding bt5 devices n android pie (9) can keep skipping n crackling n breaking up.

Haven’t found a decent answer yet.

@MacBlank Mac your issue isnt due with it being BT 5.0,but more so the environment that you are in. When outdoors you will have and experience more environmental interference from sources all around you. But if you notice once you go indoors those issue reside, it’s because of all the open airwaves and electronic signals that travel in every which direction

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I have an iphone and I do not have any issues. My coworker uses the Airs with a Samsung S8 and it works fine for him!

But I didn’t suffer from those everyday environments as badly before. Something has changed, and the only change, is android 9 and bt5.

One of them or combination, are a weak link.

There are so many reasons why this shows up.
You are never sure when you buy a certain model of a phone the bt-chip included is the ONE which is on the description.
I found out this , when checking laptops of a certain LENOVO line, we were ordering at the university.
Some were equipped with “X” others with “y”.

Google is full of people reporting problems with bt n pie.

None of their suggestions work, maybe it’s something @AnkerTechnical could look at?

Those types of issued are very difficult being solve.
A says is a malfunction of B, B says the contrary.
The customer is the … at last, as always.

I did a some tests. That doesn’t work only with bluetooth 4.0. That’s not about android i guess. What can i do about it anyone ?