Liberty Air Refusing to Charge

I just bought my first pair yesterday, and I completely charged the case, and the earbuds in it. But when I took them out, they were at 30% according to my phone. They died yesterday during my workout so I let them charge all day in the case. Today I pulled them out for my workout and they didn’t want to turn on, but finally did… thing is that my phone showed them at 10%. I put them in the case and the left one looked like it was charging for a minute or so but then stopped as if full. The right one flashed between white and red before just stopping. Needless to say they are still completely dead and nothing I’ve been doing helps. The “user manual” seems pretty useless for this as well…

Sorry if you already checked this, but is there any packing tape on the charging contacts in the case? Feel free to reach out to and they’ll be able to assist you further! Thank you!

When I get to them I’ll check that, but if there is tape over the connections, wouldn’t that completely stop the charging? And it doesn’t explain what the red light is. Thanks for the insight on a potential fix!

I believe the red LED flashes just before the earbud turns off to signify that it is turning off. It sounds like your earbuds’ batteries haven’t been charging (30% yesterday, they died, then only showed 10% today), which leads me to believe that something is blocking the charging contacts. If I recall correctly, they are shipped with a protective film to prevent them from powering on in transit.

There is nothing covering the contact, so that’s not the issue. I’ll try emailing support. Thanks. Definitely right on the red light since it just happens to that one.