Liberty air pro 2

Hello I’ve received these as a present and I’m having problems.

The case led on the right side does not switch off?

It stays illuminated constantly wether I reset them update them or have no connection to them ?

Can you please advise what I can do about this ?

You could ask there as well, many threads about these ear buds.

The link above is incorrect but you should email about this. Also for any further issues with Soundcore products, you can visit That is the community that @Chiquinho wanted to link

Thanks for helping me out here.
Its Eufy.

Cut and paste. and old weak eyes. :smiley:

Contact support as suggested

I would check to make sure the earbud is properly seated inside the case, as well as the case closed too.

Otherwise, I’ll parrot the others in check in with support. Bear in mind end of next week is start of New Years celebration, so sooner the better.