Liberty Air Pod Left Ear wont play music unless right pod is out of case?

Why is it that I can only listen to my left air pod with my right air pod out of the case. I wanted to be able to do this so when my right air pod is dead I can just switch out my right air pod for my left. But apparently I am unable to do this? I am upset with anker. Someone please get back to me or tell me if you’re having this same problem.

It is not a problem, it is intended. The left bud connects to the right bud, and the right bud connects to your device. It’s called master/slave configuration, where the right one is the master. If no right bud, no sound.

Unfortunately you can’t just swap them like the apple airpods (where there is no master/slave)

This is by design, the left was never meant to be played on it’s own as the right is the master controller and the left is the slave. Some people have had success with pairing just the left earbud, but you will have to search for directions in redit how they did it. 90% of the people who tried did not have success in doing so

As stated above, this is by design.

There is a way to connect just the left earbud, but it completely disconnects the right one, and messes them up for the next two earbud pair. It’s a big ordeal. It also doesn’t work with every device. Let me know if you want to know how, but I don’t think it’s actually worth it to do.

If you flip the right earbud upside down, you can actually wear it in your left ear. @tank has a picture of it…

Oh sorry, I didn’t realize Tank already talked about pairing the right earbud :grin:.

Right is master and left is slave.
The only way left can work is by unpairing them. unfortunately then you lose stereo sound and it only works with very few devices.
This is one feature that is most requested and where Airpods absolutely shine

Directions for pairing left earbud only

  1. Tap 4 times to reset
  2. Turn it back on (hold finger on earbud)
  3. Tap 5 times until it shows a static red LED
  4. Pair with bluetooth device
  5. Tap 4 times or take it in and out of the charging case

I have only had success in pairing it with my macbook air (doesn’t work with iPhone)

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As @Anjou1888 mentioned you can always wear the right earbud in your left ear if you flip it up