Liberty Air microphone robotic voice

Hi all,

I tried to record a voice memo using the Liberty Air paired with the stock iPhone voice memo app on my iPhone 6S, but when I played back the recording, although I can hear every word, it sounds like a voice changing tool has been used and I sound like the cliched robot in old sci-fi movies, and with some distortion in the background noise as well. Any comments or ideas?


Get a recording posted on here. I am curious to what it sounds like!

I am facing the same problem here when I called my friend yesterday and she said your voice sound kinda robotic which is weird but then I remembered that I switched to liberty air when I put the old apple airpods my voice go back to normal which is kinda disappointing because I read a lot of reviews before buying and now I regret my decision trusting your stuff I guess I’ll just pay a little extra and go back to apple products at least they work as they should be.