Liberty Air Microphone Issue

I just purchased a pair of Soudcore Liberty Air on Amazon.
I paired them with my iPhone X.
All seems to work but the microphon.
No one can hear me on calls.
Siri cannot hear me.
Can you Help me?

When you make the call make sure the audio source is selected to Bluetooth earphones, if this does is not the problem I suggest to deleted them and pair them again.

Thank you.
I’ sure the source selected is Liberty Air because I can hear.
I already tried several time to unpair them and pair again but the problem remain.
What can I try?

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Contact support, they will take care of this issue for you. You are in the right community :sunglasses:

May I ask a silly question? Did you have both earplugs in use while you are on call.
Liberty air only have microphone in right earbud so it must be used.

Yes. Both of them

Well in that case its best to contact support.

I have iPhone SE and when I connect multiple bluetooth earphones, headset it gives me an option to choose the device used for the call when I make a call. Just make sure you choose the intended device.

I also have the Air. While the microphone works, I can tell you that it totally sucks. Call quality sound that the other person on the call receives is horrible. Metallic far sound.

I tried to record a voice Memo.
The result was orrible. Only noise. Consider that the room was completely silent…

I did it.
I’m waiting for the answer

You didn’t by chance, have MUTE on did you? I’ve accidentally done that.

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No MUTE :frowning:

@Guido_Altieri Sorry to know the problem of your Liberty Air. Would you please try resetting the earbuds to see if it works? Please also test the earbuds with another phone. If the problem persists, please write to us via We will help you with the exchange. Thanks

I have the same issue and I have iPhone 8. It’s a present from my boyfriend so it’s actually 2 disappointed customers instead of 1:) any ideas how to fix ???

Having the bad microphone quality issue on mine :frowning: