Liberty Air loss of stereo sound

I’ve had the Soundcore Liberty Air’s for a few weeks now and really like them but I’ve been experiencing a strange audio issue on pretty much a daily basis and wondered if anyone else has the same issue. I’ll be listening to music quite happily and suddenly the audio switches from true stereo to playing exactly the same audio in each ear in unison (so the normal stereo spread with certain sounds heard in either the left or right ear is replaced by the same thing in both ears). Hope I’m explaining myself ok! If I put the buds back in the case for a second or two and put them back in my ears the sound corrects itself and is fine again.
Any ideas? I’m listening on an iPhone XR with the latest ios.

Very strange!
You might contact the support.
As far I see there was no such problem before.

By the way you should try the buds with other sources and check out if the same issue appears.

Try to delete the BT profile and then a
Fresh repairing to your phone. That usually fixes oddball quirks