Liberty Air left side hissing/static/white-noise

Hi all,

I got my new Liberty Air today, and I have discovered that the left earbud has a noticeable hissing/static/white-noise which is very noticeable compared to the right bud. Is anyone else having this issue? Any comments on how to rectify it?


(also, never got the “red light” on either bud no matter how many times I tap when trying to reset it as described in both the manual and Anker’s youtube video…)

To turn the earbuds off you have to tap and hold until the red light comes in and then they will turn off.

As for the hissing and static, I would recommend to try and delete the Bluetooth profile and then repair it to your phone and if possible reset the earbuds themselves and see if that fixes anything

Hi Tank, thanks for replying. I have tried repairing. No luck. And I can’t reset it because as I described, I cannot get the red light to show up no matter how many times I try tapping 4X on the touch area of the left bud. I can only reset the right bud.

Sorry for your troubles, you can reach out to and provide your order number as well as your serial number and they can further help with your issue and if need be a replacement

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Look at the format settings for Bluetooth audio on your device.

It maybe you have set the wrong format. Best to set it to default or auto.

Hi! I’m having the same problem with my new air liberty 2. Were you able to solve it? Thanks.

Hi I am having the same problem. I sent the first one back. Now with another one I have the same problem. Anybody was able to solve this problem?

You should contact the support, please as it is mentioned above.

Any fix at all to this problem? Seems a if the issue should be resolved by now. I’m on liberty 4’s. Got them 3 days ago, used them for 6 hours on ANC + music yesterday, charged them in the case overnight, and now the left one sounds like an expensive seashell. I absolutely hate having to return bad products and there is no excuse for such an issue persisting for years with no fix. I’m using with a Samsung galaxy s23+, if that helps.

I had the same issue and it was so annoying cause my 8$ wired headphones had better sound quality than my 100$ Soundcore Liberty 4 but I was able to fix it. Go to your bluetooth devices and press on your headphones name and choose turn on high quality mode or something like that which enables LDAC I believe … this fixed it for me.