Liberty Air Left Earbud Not working

Bought 4 days ago, worked fine. Now left won’t work. I’ve charged, reset, repaired, ran through all the fixes on here.
The left earbud only blinks white 4 times while IN charger, at 8 second intervals.
I’ve kept it plugged in over night in case it’s a charging issue. Still no luck.
It just blinks every 8 seconds.
Touching 4 times does nothing, just wont work.

Do your earbuds happen to have the serial number printed on the inside of the case? If so, you actually need to use a different reset method. You can learn how here


Do these buds need you to remove the film on the bottom of the buds?

Sometimes dust can get in… Give a quick blast of air and give the terminals a dry wipe (in case n buds).