Liberty Air keep turning off

Hi folks,

I bought Liberty Air recently and gave it a full charge.

The issue is that both earbuds shuts down and disconnects from phone so fast and they are fully charged. I did reset them multiple times. > Same result!

I also tried turning on only the right (master) earbud, It runs forever. But if I turn on left one, same scenerio happens again and again and again, even they are fully charged …

What might be the issue?


You could delete the buds from the bt list of your phone and do a reconnecting.

i did it many times still have the problem, i dont what is wrong with the left one but when i play on the right only it never disconnect and i dont know if the left need to charge more, i keep both in the case for hours so both are supposed to be fully charged !

Hm , ask the soundcore support.
and/or ask the fellows at

Have you checked the contacts of the buds and the charger,

Contact support, hopefully they can help you better

Did you pair these with a second device, or have a second set of earbuds paired with the first?

Possible that there is competing priorities between multiple earbuds / devices.

The key point is that with just the right bud turned on, it works fine. Turn on the left bud and both shut off within seconds. My buds were working fine for weeks and just started this behavior.