Liberty Air disconnecting even with remaining battery

The left ear bud started randomly beeping while music was playing. After about 10 beeps as such, ONLY the left earbud shut down automatically even though my phone showed that there was more than half of the battery was remaining. This has happened around 2 times for me.

Is there anyone else who has faced this issue?


I would recommend trying a reset of the liberty air. You can learn how to do that here.


Once you’ve attempted @TechMan 's steps let us know the results for further assistance.

Your left earbud might not have had a full charge, I had this happen when they didn’t seat properly in the case or got jostled around in my pocket. Also most phones only report the main earbud which would be the right earbud in this case. So while it may show you have charge, that particular left earbud may not have


I’m finding with BT5 that my devices crackle a lot and cut in/out all the time, especially in a crowd and a busy bus (I use public transport all the time).

I cleared ALL network settings n reset them all, but it still happens.

I didnt have to reset. After i left the buds in the case for around 15 mins it started working normally. The issue I mentioned is intermittent.

Try cleaning the connections with a Qtip and rubbing alcohol.