Liberty Air 2 Windows 10 issue

Hello, I am having an issue with my Liberty Air 2’s that I got brand new two days ago. When I am in a call with someone lets say on discord, I can’t hear them and spotify and youtube dont produce any sound. They still play, but I don’t hear anything. It looks like its switching to the headset when I call instead of using the Stereo. Any work around?

TL:DR - Any time anything microphone related comes up with my liberty air 2’s on windows 10, it mutes the headphone part of it (spotify, youtube, even discord itself), and I can’t hear anything at all. Any work around? The mic part still works but nothing is produced from the output.

If you right click on the volume in your task tab, open sound settings, then click the drop down for output device. You will want it to show the Liberty Air 2 connection. You should be able to select it as either Stereo or Headset within there. Same goes for Spotify, you can select it specifically within the same area:

I dont think you are fully understanding my problem. I can’t use both at the same time meaning that discord only works with the headset because the headset has the mic but I can’t use both at the same time. The headset audio is super bad compared to stereo so even if I just used everything on headset. It would sound like trash

I don’t own Liberty Air 2 but sound quality on headset mode vs headphones mode is not too different on my Life 2 or Spirit Dot 2 or Flare Mini. I know you have to use headset mode for mic which I do when on meeting calls. Not the difference between headset and headphone will be noticeable if you listen to music but just normal conversation shouldn’t be too bad on headset mode.

But anyway, have you tried some other apps like google’s hangout/meet or MS Teams to see if you hear anything on headset mode?

I got what you mean now, apologies, I was taking it as you were not getting audio for each specific app.

One thing to try would be to navigate to windows settings for Sound.
Under the Playback Tab: Disable Hands-Free and make the Stereo default. (You do this by right clicking on the device)
Under the Recording Tab: Disable your bluetooth (Hands-Free) and set whatever other microphone you have as default.

Windows and bluetooth do not work well when you’re trying to get audio out and audio in simultaneously. It is unfortunately a flaw in design when it comes to it, but this may solve your issue.