Liberty Air 2 Stuttering with Windows 10 Laptop

Hello, I’ve just purchased the liberty air 2 today and it works great with my Oneplus phone. However, once I connect it to my Windows 10 laptop (ASUS Zenbook UX410UA) and try playing some music in Stereo mode, the audio keeps on stuttering. I’ve tried resetting the buds twice but nothing seems to be working at this moment. This is really disappointing as I was expecting a seamless performance with all of my devices. Please help.

Also, please note that everything works great in the Hands-Free AG mode but the sound quality is just so poor compared to the Stereo mode.

P.S. My laptop’s Bluetooth is version 4.1 and the L. Air2 is 5.0! Can this be the problem?

No, should not. There is downward compatibility. that means bt 5 works with bt 4.1

Hello, thanks for your kind response.

I think I have found the problem. I use a 2.4ghz wifi router for my home and the Bluetooth buds use the same frequency as well. Therefore, I’m facing the issues whenever I try to use my buds while my phone/ laptop is connected to my wifi.

I think I need to upgrade to a dual-band router and use 5ghz for a smooth performance.

Make sure your laptop is able to connect a 5ghz Wifi.
Elder ones sometimes can not, you have to check your network card abilities/drivers


This can do, got “a” and “n” as “radio type”

does the problem solved coz im facing the same one exactly ?
sound interrupts in my windows only whilw working very well on my phone!!