Liberty Air 2 - RIght earbud randomly turns off

Hi, I have bought Liberty Air 2 and I am having problem with the right earbud. It just turns of randomly. Sometimes it turns off then immediately turns on a then again immediately turns off. I have tried hard reset multiple times and app is showing me that battery in earbud is full. I do not know what to do. So, can somebody help me? Please

Do a full on reset of the earbuds and see if that helps:

Place the earbuds into the charging case and make sure they are being charged. 2 . Keep the charging case open, then press and hold the button on the bottom of the charging case for 10 seconds until the LED indicators on both earbuds flash red 3 times. All the memory data will be cleared. Also delete the pairing from your phone and then you can re-pair the earbuds to your phone after the reset

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I have tried that multiple times but without charging the case while doing the hard reset. So we will see, if something happens.

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