LIberty Air 2 Pro microphone not working with Teams


I have just bought a pair of Liberty Air 2 Pros. They seems to be good. I can’t get the microphone to work with MS Teams on the laptop. The earphones work fine, both earphones and microphones work well with my iphone, but no microphone function at all with Teams on the laptop.

Any suggestions very welcome



Ask there as well :

Can you send a screenshot of your settings in Teams? Get in a call with someone and show me the input and output so I know if I can help more

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Hi @Ben124,

Do the earbuds show up as both “headphones” and “headset” in Windows? You’ll want to use the “headset” option to get the microphone to work in VOIP applications like Teams.

I’ve put together some troubleshooting tips and screenshots here if it helps: Why does the mic sound so bad when connecting my AirPods/Bluetooth headphones to my PC? » Technically Well

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