Liberty Air 2 Pro Hiss?

Anybody get the new Air 2 Pros and notice a lot of static when listening to something on low volume?
I love these, but wow it has more noise than my $16-$18 wireless (mono) earbuds from mPow and WaveFun.

Has more noise than my original Liberty Airs, too.

Has more noise than literally any other wireless headphone I have…

I mean these sound GREAT, and I love the fit, and I love the design, and everything, but this static sound can’t be intended… Is it?

Are you meaning the Liberty 2 Pro or the Liberty Air 2’s?

If its the Pro’s, it had been mentioned over on the Soundcore collective, seems to be affecting a small number of buyers…

Less then 1% to be exact…

If you contact they will replace them with a good pair…

Oh, you’re right, it doesn’t even have Air in the title. It’s the Pros.
Yeah, I guess I’ll try to get them replaced. Looks like nearly one third of the reviews on Amazon complain about a static sound similar to what I’m hearing.

Anker says that it affects less then 1% of the buds. Probably the reason you see 30% of the reviews complaining, is because people are more likely to review an item if they find a significant fault, rather then if they really like the product…

I might be unlucky. I exchanged mine with Amazon and got another pair that hisses, just emailed anker

Mine have this issue. It happens intermittently and especially noticeable when there is no music being played. It comes and goes.

I ordered one set of Liberty 2 Pro via last week and I have just received them. As a precautionary measure, I have not even opened the parcel and returned it. I do not want to take the risk on the hiss. Maybe, I will re-consider to re-order the product at a later stage, if I receive the assurance from Anker that the issue is fixed and it is not a faulty engineering design patched with a software upgrade.

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Why not open them and check? If they didn’t when the hissing then everything would be fine.

If they did have the issue you would be covered by the amazon 30 day money back guarantee, and the soundcore/anker 18 month warranty.

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I had a pair of the Liberty 2 Pros and they had the hiss. I reached out to Anker for a replacement and that too had it albeit to a lesser extent. They said the replacements were an “updated version” where the sound engineers had tried to eliminate the hiss. However, it was definitely still there.
Anker said “due to the limitation of the current Qualcomm platform” it was not possible to completely eliminate the hiss.
Unfortunately, their claim that less than 1% of the units suffer from this, is inaccurate. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say all units have it.
One interesting thing to note. The replacement earbuds had an overall lower max volume. The original pair would get really loud at max volume, however the new pair only get 80-85% as loud as the original pair.

My personal view is that the sound engineers have reduced the overall volume of the new pair so as to make the hiss less noticeable. To some degree it has worked, but by no means perfectly. In addition to this, I would say this is not a true fix because what they have done is reduce the maximum volume of the earbuds. In other words they have taken an indirect approach to try to remedy the problem which has resulted in the max volume being decreased by 15-20% or so. The maximum volume of the new earbuds is noticeably lower.


Totally agree, I bought 2 of them from best buy and they have the exact issue. I have had issues like this in the past with other audio equipment (Soundblaster G1 being the worst culprit). I would also agree that its a bit disingenuous to have the company act as if its 1% of units. You analysis of the “fix” is interesting too, because that points to the fact that its is noise prior to the amp stage if they decreased overall volume. Like I said I’ve seen this before and I have had volume affect it, and volume not affect it. I was so pumped to use these as many of the youtube review are awesome, but tbh I’ve lost a lot of respect for youtube reviewers for not calling this out. Just look at the endless threads out there for all the Souncore products. It’s not 1%. Lets see should be believe the company that has a financial gain and no possible way to validate their claims? Hmm,no.

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Honestly you have no way of knowing if its 1% or not. You dont know how many were sold and again not everyone is effected or can hear the noise so as with anything audio its always going to be subjective and down to individual users preference

This earbuds are not meant to be on the market, the sound is great, but the static noise is definitely a problem affecting all products 100%, every one is complaining about this problem, i bought mine from amazon and returned it because of the static noise, the so called updated version i got in return is just as the same if not worser than the previous version i had, the sound is lower the static noise is the same if not louder, i don’t know whats different with this update version :man_shrugging:t4:

I bought since 4 Days from
I make directly nen Firmware Upgrade to Version 01.22 over the iOS SoundCore-App.
My Wife ( 38 years ) and Me ( 40 years ) can’t here any hiss / white noise. When I hear music low / mid / max volume ( no hiss in silence parts of the music ).
pause the track ( low / mid / max volume ), also no hiss.
With the check in the SoundCore-App ( HearID ) I can hear all checked frequencies in all volumes with both ears.
perhaps the fix is only works with iOS devices or so.
The max volume is very loud ( loud enough ) and much more then the Limitation from the EU.

A little bit more infos to the Setup:
iPhone 11 256GB iOS13.3
Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro FW 01.22
iPhone uses the AAC Codec, because it’s an iPhone.

can it be, that the problem is at a moment only with the aptX Codec and will be fixed in a few days…

A little bit to my person:
I’m 40 years old and hear often music over my HiFi Setup since years. I’m an IT Spezialist.
HiFi / Surround Sound / Home-Cinema / Video-Filming is an big hobby since 25 years.

Not true in the slightest. I’m not, as well as tons (most) or the reviews.

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100% is an exaggeration, but 1% is also a false number

I agree. I think the number is more like 10%-20%

Ive also bought at the 100€ discount but i hear the Hiss wenn pressing pause. I only have android Hardware for now sbc and aptx. Both are hearable hissing. May you can test it on an Android device from somebody? Also do you have the white or the black Version? If checking the charging case under the Usbc nubsi is a number anker confirmed mine are the newest version> acjs5h1a1130124

Just purchased mine today. I was hoping the reviews were exaggerating the audio hiss but with 100% certainty they are not. Updated the firmware and tried to see if the Qualcomm was the problem but the hissing persists. Right when audio is about to play the hissing starts and persists throughout the whole song/ video. I’ll start getting used to it but during lower intensity portions of songs it’s quite noticeable. Tried the hearID on the app and genuinely couldn’t hear some of the frequencies over the audio hiss. I’ll be returning these immediately and I don’t know if I’ll try another time ( A LOT of people that return, even some YouTubers, say that Anker sends the new pair with reduced volume to compensate for the hiss). It’s such a shame because these things SLAP with bass, sound quality, and comfort.

I will not be using my code if anyone in the US is interested in using it.