Liberty air 2 pro case not charging

I’ve had my headphones since July last year and they’ve worked perfectly up until this week.

I’ve noticed that the case doesn’t seem to be charging past 30%, however when I place the earbuds into the case as its charging the earbuds charge as normal.

I.e last night I drained the buds until they switched off on me whilst in use, put them in the case and put the case to charge.

When plugging in the case the three lights flashed and then just the first light flashed as if charging. However three hours later when I went to check on them there was still only the first light flashing. And when I open the case only the first light flashes as if to say the case is under 30% charged, but when I connect the earbuds to my phone, they are charged 100%.

I have tried to reset the earbuds but this hasn’t solved the problem. Any other recommendations?

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Try another cable.
Make sure the socket is absolutely free of debris.

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What charger are you using to charge the case? If it’s the wall plug from your cell phone that could be why

Did you check to see if the tips are causing the case to be slightly open?

It may be time to get a different pair

Could also be if you haven’t used them for some time, the case may have over discharged…