Liberty Air 2 not available on Soundcore App


I was wondering if someone else is having this issue. I just got my liberty air 2 today and when open the soudcore app, my earphones are not available. I attached a picture for reference.


First you need to pair the Liberty Air 2 to your smartphone (Which i believe you have already done)

  1. Once paired, open the Soundcore App,
  2. Navigate to Liberty Series → Liberty Air 2 → click on it
  3. Click on connect, It will search and connect.
  4. Once connected, it will show up on main page of the app.

Check this

@codigo506 also you may go to Soundcore Collective community for questions, reviews and details on Soundcore products

@Shenoy thank you so much!!! I feel so stupid LOL! Appreciate the help. Have a good one. Stay safe

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Didn’t even have the chance to say “Welcome to the community” before @Shenoy has solved your problem :rofl:
@Shenoy Well done and thank you as always :+1::+1:

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Glad to help @AnkerOfficial @codigo506 :blush: