Liberty Air 2 - No longer able to connect to PC Windows 10

I have been using my Soundcore Liberty Air 2 earphones successfully for a while now, but during use with my PC yesterday, there was a brief powercut and my PC restarted. Ever since the restart, I cannot get my earphones to work with my PC anymore.
I have tried removing the devices from the PC and repairing. I can find the Liberty Air 2 and pair with them, but after about a minute they disconnect. They will still appear on the bluetooth devices list under “Other Devices” whereas I think they used to appear under “Audio”.

I have tried resetting the earphones, I have also ensured they have the latest firmware from the Soundcore app. I have removed them from my devices on my PC and restarted numerous times. I have also downloaded the latest bluetooth driver from the Intel website.

Can anyone help my with how I might be able to fix this?

Seems you have done all which is possible.
Reset, delete from the bt list, install the newest driver.
I dont know much about WIN, but you should find a way to change the setting from from “Other devices” to “Audio”
This should be possible.