Liberty Air 2 Left not charging

After I had dropped the case for my Liberty Air 2’s 4 ft off the ground, I plugged the up to charge overnight. When I woke up the next morning, the right ear bud was fully charged, but the left one was still low power. I don’t understand how a 4 foot drop can cause such a problem to happen but I’m still looking for a solution.

Sorry to hear you dropped it.

It is likely broken but let’s try…

Get bright light and magnifying glass and look at the pins see if bent.

Sometimes a shocked electronics get confused, and fully power off and reset can “de-confuse” them. Power off and leave off for a while then begin reset process.

This obviously isn’t a warranty replacement as you dropped it but if you do buy replacement keep original as often you can benefit from spares, you’ll lose or break something else later, these wireless buds rarely last long as the tips or a bud or case goes amiss over months.

That’s weird, I just got these things for Christmas, the earbuds fell out of the case when the case dropped so I don’t really understand how the pins were bent.

Not saying bent, check if the dropping bent them.

Your first post said you dropped the case, 2nd post said dropped buds. Which? I thought you said you’d dropped the case with the buds within so the buds would have been shoved against case pins and bent them potentially so look for that.

And do a reset.

Not surprised they broke, not designed to be dropped and the force of impact sufficient to eject the buds from the case meant the case must have warped and may be damaged. Check pins and reset and cross fingers. If you buy replacement keep original for spares.

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I’m saying that it doesn’t make sense for the pins to bend since there was nothing to come in contact with them, the earbuds fell out of the case while it was falling. I will have to check the pins later.

Sounds like it’s time to order a new pair unless you can fix them

Apparently, they’re working now, I don’t know what I did to fix them but now the left one is charging knock on wood.

Good to hear they are working.

If you can figure out what you did then post here for future searches.

Did you turn off then on to de-confuse them?

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Great, hope they keep working fine :+1: