Liberty air 2 - Just one earbuds microphones works at time

Ive been using my liberty air 2 for 1 year ago, but today I noticed during call that just one of the earbuds microphones is working, so it supposed that the 4 microphones should be working at the same time, but are not.

I paired my air 2 normally, right earbud has the control as master and I can listen music on both in stereo mode, but when I take a call just the master earbud works with its microphones, If I take off my right master air 2 earbud they cant listen to me.
Is there a way to fix this? I mean I bought them because the microphones features, but they dont say nothing about that just one earbud is working for calls…

Maybe Im doing something wrong with my connection, if somebody find something similar or if someone have a suggestion please let me know…

Duplicate of your 5 other posts over 5 hours saying the same/similar.

If you want to take right ear bud out during a call, put the right bud in the case so master moves to left bud, the downside is the phone will lose connection while you connect to L. If you want this to happen all the time begin with taking the left bud out first so it is master. Does that work for you?

Repeating the question 5 times doesn’t alter the answer, what that does is spread the discussion so wide then future searches then spread wider and so harder for future searches with similar issue to see the best reply. So keep it focused in the thread of the question so the reply is focused.

My apologies, Im new here, so I havent seen all the threads related.


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