Liberty Air 2 idea

I wish there was a way to, optionally, disable the auto-pause feature when then headphones are taken out of the ear.

This should be conditional. If the other headphone is still in ear, keep playing. If the other headphone is charging, pause, if the other headphone is not in ear, pause.

Sometimes I want to take one headphone out to scratch my ear. I don’t want the music to stop.

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There is no need to request this because the Liberty Air 2 does NOT have auto pause when the earbuds are removed from your ear.


This can’t work since they don’t have in ear sensors. Maybe liberty air 3 :man_shrugging:

Yes they do. I have them, they have the feature…

That’s really strange, because soundcore never mentioned that in the event.


I hope disabling auto pause comes, I really don’t like it. I might return the headphones because of it…

You can disable auto pause within the soundcore app …it has always been there since they were released