Liberty Air 2 earphones keep falling out

Hi all - just received these and whilst I’m happy with the sound, I simply cannot stop these from falling out of my ears. I’ve changed to the XS tips and have tried all of the suggestions to lock these into place. I’ve been using airpods for the past few years and never had any issues. It’s pretty frustrating. Does anyone (or Soundcore themselves) have any solutions, either smaller tips or alternative manufacturers tips? Appreciate everyone’s help

Have you tried giving it a turn after you placed them in your ear? It might help you seal it better. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

That stinks. I know the feeling about only certain earbuds fitting into my ears. Maybe there are attachable earwings that can assist. I know I really like my standard Liberty 2 eardbuds that include those. Not sure of the air’s have the capability or if an alternative brand earwing can be placed on them.

Do you have any tips left over from other earbuds? I’d try switching them, I bet that could help