Liberty Air 2 - disconnects from Windows 10

Just purchased the Liberty Air 2 earbuds. They connect and work fine on my phone. They also connected fine to my laptop running Windows 10. The problem is that they disconnect from the laptop within 1 minute of being connected to the laptop (I don’t have this issue with the phone). I’ve tried updating the drivers as mentioned in other forum entries. I’ve also updated the earbuds’ firmware. I also tried resetting the earbuds, deleting the connection on the computer and the phone, and then reconnecting. Any further suggestions to get these working?
Thank you!

If the earbuds are on both Bt lists (phone and computer) it will not work,.
Delete the earbuds from both and connect it to one item only!

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You appear to have done everything correctly. So mostly double-check clarify every step.

The buds cannot be connected to two things at once, and must be rebooted between different bluetooth version connections, and Windows 10 will attempt to reconnect to anything ever paired, so that is the core of the fix, as probably what is happening is the buds are being connected to two things at once, or you’re connecting to phone then laptop and they are on different versions without a reboot, there’s usually three common reasons.

Follow every step and try to not miss a step.

  • plug power into the buds case.
  • Put the buds in the case, close the lid.
  • delete the laptop pairing
  • turn off the laptop bluetooth
  • delete the phone pairing
  • turn the phone bluetooth off.
  • if Android phone then either A) reboot to recovery, wipe cache, or B) settings, apps, show system, bluetooth, force stop, clear cache, reboot.
  • open buds case
  • press hold 10s til buds flash red. Wait a minute.
  • Windows 10 pair

It should now work with laptop. Confirm it does. Assuming it does work…

Next is phone pairing

  • buds in case
  • close lid
  • wait
  • laptop disconnect buds
  • laptop turn off bluetooth
  • phone enable bluetooth.
  • open buds lid
  • take our R bud
  • pair on phone
  • it will offer to pair L bud, accept it, don’t hesitate.

Buds should now work with phone. Confirm it does.

Then to swap between phone and laptop.

  • disable both phone and laptop bluetooth
  • put the buds in the case. Wait.
  • enable the bluetooth on either the laptop/phone but not both at same time
  • take buds out of case
  • connect to either laptop/phone

If this all does actually work, then what you did wrong was disconnect from phone, connect to laptop without first putting the buds back into the case, as the buds cannot swap between newer to older bluetooth versions without turning off first.

Blame Windows… not Anker’s fault, for them to not have this issue they’d have to use a more expensive chipset which can concurrently run two bluetooth versions and then you’d complain about the cost.