Liberty Air 2 case not functioning

Just bought these, but none of the case functions are working except charging related to opening & closing the lid.

  • It doesn’t turn on the buds when the lid is opened.
  • It doesn’t connect with Bluetooth automatically when the lid is opened.
  • It doesn’t disconnect from Bluetooth automatically when buds are back in the case and lid is closed.
  • It doesn’t reset when the button is pressed for 10s putting the buds in with lid open.
  • If one bud is put back in the case and lid closed it doesn’t turn off or disconnect, I can literally hear sound coming out of the case.

Basically none of the casing related functions are working. It is so frustrating and annoying. Really didn’t expect for a new pair.

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With updates I have lost a lot of these, most notably the fast pairing. It now seems like it takes forever to pair. At one point mine would play when I put them back in the case but that has since stopped.

What firmware is your headset on?

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It was updated to the latest firmware via soundcore app but no luck.

Generally it takes 5 to 10 seconds for the earbuds to turn off when placed in the case and the lid is closed. The earbuds if fully charged and already on when placed into the case to store, then they should turn back on automatically provided the case itself is charged. Otherwise it will slowly drain the batteries

Music is still playing while the buds are in the case. It must disconnect after a while when the lid is closed but it doesn’t. To connect and disconnect from Bluetooth I have to do it manually from my phone. The case is unable to play any role. Basically every function described in the quick start guide regarding the case is not working.

Have you checked inside the case to make sure there is nothing blocking the contact points within the case? And also lean the contacts in the earbuds themselves.

When the earbuds are placed into the case the white light is supposed to light up and turn solid white on the earbuds, if they do not do this then they are not making contact with the charging pins.

At that point reach out to support for warranty exchange

I cleaned the contact points on both ends it didn’t help. It doesn’t turn solid white always, only when the case is connected to the charger. I visited the outlet today and they changed the product. The new one is working fine. Thank you for the guidance.


Glad you were able to get it exchanged

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