Liberty air 2 android call glitch

I’m having an issue with my liberty air 2 when on a phone call only on android.
one of the earbuds keeps glitching in and out and it produces a very annoying and hurtful noise in my ear.
This issue only happened on android (works fine on windows).
If I pair the right earbud, the left one has the issue and vice vers ca.
I aleady updated the firmware but the problem is always there.
is there a solution?
Thank you

If not done already, delete the pairings on all devices, turn off Bluetooth on all devices, reset the buds, then pair just with the Android device causing the issue.

If that doesn’t work could be a sign of hardware issues and so begin warranty process.

I bought the headphones from the anker official store on aliexpress, I can’t find the option to chose aliexpress on the warranty process page.

Have you done a reset yet? That’s the usual first ask.

Support is

Warranty process begins once you concluded it’s a physical failure which is after exhausted all other ideas.

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Yes, I just reset the earbuds, unpaired them from the phone and re-paired them again. Still the same problem.

Probably therefore a hardware fault. Don’t know how you do it AliExpress, I’ve seen nightmare stories. Contact AliExpress and email Soundcore support quoting proof of purchase, serial number, the fault and what you’ve attempted to self fix.

Good luck.

Report here the conclusion so if you did get a fix then it’s found by future searches.

I’d try to get a different pair