Liberty Air 1 BT Earbuds Always Fall Out

Does anyone else struggle with getting their SoundCore Liberty Air Bluetooth Earbuds to stay in their ears?
How on earth do you get these earbuds to stop falling out?
Aside from duct taping them to my ears to prevent them from falling out, I’ve tried everything!

  1. I tried all the different sized rubber earbud attachments that come in the box… (but none of them helped keep them in. They only helped with sound quality.)
  2. I tried setting them inside my ears, then bringing the longer part downwards, to “lock” them in, as one Anker community member suggested… but they still keep falling out!
    I was even thinking about going and buying some one that soft black mesh cushion material that older earbuds used to have on them, but do I really have to?
    I suppose it’s possible that I’m the only one with abnormally large ear canals, or maybe they’re too clean? I don’t know!
    Thing is, I like them, and for that one millisecond before they begin to fall out I absolutely love the sound quality, but they were a Christmas present, and it’s already March 2020! That’s how long I’ve been struggling with them, but because they always fall out I can never use them. Even when I’m completely still meditating, when I’m laying down, sitting up, and if I open my mouth, or move my jaw, forget about it, they’ll only fall out faster.
    So, if ANYONE has any outside of the box ideas, PLEASE share them with me!

Thanks to a suggestion to try using the smallest size, I’m finally able to wear my earbuds without them falling out, and I thought I needed larger attachments! Problem Solved!!

Try ordering different tips from Amazon


There was a discussion about foam tips.
You should search for.

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We are sorry to learn the wearing issue on your Soundcore Liberty Air.

Thank you for trying some different sized tips and suggestions already. Please reach out to us at so we can see what we can do to make up for this disappointment.
You are important to us, and we want to help as much as we’re able to.

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I’ve had mine for exactly one year now. The right earbud is starting to fall out when I jog (or walk fast). The rubber tips are getting a bit flimsy. They used to be more firm so they fit tightly inside the ear, but now they look like a wilting flower.

Sorry I don’t have a good idea for you. Just replying to share the frustration and to get notifications should someone have a good solution.

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Yes, I agree with the suggestion above. You should go online and search for rubber earbuds replacements! I’m sure there’s a way to purchase new ones!