Liberty 2 Pro Sizing Question - Earwings

I’ve had my Liberty 2 Pros for about a week now. And I think I am really happy.

I say “think” because I am unsure about one thing. How tight in my ear am I supposed to be striving for with fit?

I swear my ideal earwing size would be halfway between the M and L sizes. I can wear the M with reasonable confidence that they won’t fall out while running. But I am always left feeling that if I graze them somehow they’ll dislodge.

The L size just pushes a tad too much on my ear and can cause a slight bit of discomfort. Yet the “fit” is great in terms of stability.

What am I supposed to be shooting for here? It really seems like a mid-point between the two would be perfect.

Difficult question indeed.
My be others had an idea to alter those wings.
I dont know the material, but with a hot air fan these can be deformed.
Just an idea.

If the large are getting to you, I would say do not use as you dont want to associate that pain to the earbuds. Have you made changes to the earbuds as well?

I would say potentially try the next size eartips to see if that size will push the medium earwings back in the ear a little to provide a better fit. OR you can have the large in and decrease the size of the eartips.

With that said you will need to make sure you still have a good seal.

If you have not tried different combinations with earwings and eartips, you will need to take the time to experiment with that, I know of several people on the soundcore forum that have stated they have different sizes eartips in each ear.

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Thanks all.
I guess I am just going to keep mixing and matching the wings and tips. Originally I wasn’t into the + sizes because I thought they were too long. I think I’ll have to use them as a compromise for the wing length.

I would say take the wings tips off at first then find the right eartips for what you need. After you figure that out then try different wings on them. Maybe have one bud with a large and the other with a medium. Remember your ears are not exact the same so you could have one ear tip be small and the other be a medium.