Liberty 2 Pro question

If I want to use my liberty 2 pro on another phone. Will the music still play on its last setting. Or do I have to put the app on each phone device ? And then choose again. Or just pair the ear buds and just play .

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Great question!!

If you pair the L2P to a phone and use a Custom EQ and Hear ID, This setting is uploaded and stored on the L2P for any device, Phone-1 you use. The setting is also stored on your profile for Soundcore login.

If you pair the L2P to a second device, Phone-2, the L2P will continue to use the same Custom EQ as set earlier UNTIL you launch the Soundcore App on the Phone-2, at which point you will be asked to login to Soundcore to ensure your EQ and other settings are retained. If you login with New ID or don’t login at all, New setting and Custom EQ / Hear ID will be uploaded to the L2P.

If you go back to earlier Phone-1 and pair it, launch Soundcore App, earlier settwill be uploaded.

Summary - settings will be uploaded to L2P based on the phone paired and Soundcore App launch / connected to the L2P. It is better to create a Soundcore login (can be same as the one used for the Soundcore Collective community) to store and save your settings.

Hope I have answered your question!!

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Thanks for your fast and great reply. It was just in case I use two phones. I have used my phone and my tablet and I have put the app on both. And yes it looks like Mt music setting stayed the same… So I will check out the other phone without adding the app. And check…But many thanks …martyn

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Sorted by @Shenoy with lightning speed :tongue:

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I am prepping the Liberty 2 Pro Review, and had tested this ahead when I received my 2nd L2P (LTT edition) :joy:

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Looking forward to your review…will it be posted only here or YouTube ?

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By the way I can’t get on to the soundcore page, says wrong email or password ? Yet works on here the anker page ?

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Will be a blog style, with text, photos and video :innocent:

Try to delete cookies, cache from your browser and retry … It should work.

Glad to know, this will cover one of my questions as well.
Looking forward to see your review :+1:

I brought Liberty Pro 2 last week from USA, but now iam in india. My Pro2 microphone sound quality badly poor… Can’t hear to anyone. Please advise what to do.