Liberty 2 Pro...or con? It just kind of depends

I tend to write a lot, so if you really want to read a lot, then this may be your kind of review. I’ll try to hit as many points as I can, and hopefully keep those who are willing to read this whole mess somewhat entertained. That said, here we go:


  • The box itself has a really nice textured feel. I have several of the other earbuds offered by Soundcore/Anker, and this box has some nice grooves that gives the box itself a nice feel. It may not be worth much, but I think every detail counts, and clearly Soundcore has gone to great lengths to make this set of earbuds stand out from the moment you take these out of the envelope and hold the box in your hands, which brings me to…
  • The earbuds were sent in a regular kind-of-padded envelope. As a result, the box itself has a few dents and dings, which can be mildly annoying because you expect this item to at least be packaged with a little more care instead of just a somewhat padded envelope. Not the end of the world, but certainly not the kind of care to protect the item as I would have expected. The problem is that with just a padded envelope, you have no control over how mail carriers are going to treat your package, and it may just have been placed down, or worse, just tossed onto a counter. Best not to dwell on it.
  • The box itself has all kinds of marketing designs, and they make sure you know that these were recommended/designed with the help of 10 GRAMMY WINNING AUDIO PRODUCERS. It’s hard to miss that tagline, considering how it seems to headline every ad about these eadbuds. Not a bad thing because that’s actually a nice piece of information to include, but it just seems a little…extra.
  • The box, like all other Soundcore products, unfolds to open, and has a small magnet that “locks” the box. Not a big thing, but maybe they just didn’t shrink wrap it so that they can be more eco-friendly? Not a bad thing, but also just curious that this is the only company I know that does this.


  • As you have probably seen, the inside of the box contains many, many different tips and also the “wingtip” pieces to help secure the earbuds when they’re in your ear. Also included is the charging case (obviously), the earbuds themselves (mine came with a charge), a USB-C charging cable, and the usual documentation (“tip” sheet, customer contact pamphlet, warning guide in multiple languages, and a quick start booklet).
  • The presentation is nice, the clear cover in the box is held closed by a small tab. there are tabs all over everything, actually, so you know where to pull and what to pull. Again, small details matter, and Soundcore has made sure you know what can be opened, where to open it, etc.


  • As another reviewer stated, many streaming platforms aren’t streaming at a quality high enough that you’ll clearly notice the difference. However, when you listen to music that’s at a higher bitrate, you will immediately notice the difference (192 vs. 128, for example). These files, if you store them on your phone or other device, will take up more space, but the difference in quality is very clear. The bass has more thump, the midrange fills out nicely, and the upper ranges have a nice clarity to them. Again, it all comes down to where you are going to get your music from and what the quality is going to be.
  • When I listen to music on my Liberty Air earbuds, then compare them to the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds, you can immediately tell the difference when you are listening to music that has a higher bitrate. But for Spotify, for example, you may be able to tell the difference, but most likely not. However, when you’re listening at 192, then it’ll sound good on the regular Liberty Airs, but it’ll sound fantastic on the Liberty 2 Pros.
  • Soundcore has really done a good job ensuring audio clarity and fidelity to the original source, and you can very much hear the difference on the Liberty 2 Pro as a very clear step up. I’ve heard a lot of different headphones, but these, by far, are the clearest in terms of sound quality, faithfulness to the source material, and just overall feel of the music in your ears.


  • Nothing to write home about. You can adjust the buttons to whatever you want, whether it’s voice assistant, volume, or changing tracks. At the end of the day, you’re not asking your earbuds to wash your car, but you do expect the buttons to be functional, and that’s exactly what they are. Nothing particularly special here so far.


  • Sizewise, they’re about the size of a quarter. Not too big (like the Bose), and certainly not tiny either. I think they’re a pretty good size.
  • The medium “wingtips” don’t really do much for me. I changed over to the “large” wingtips and now they stay in my ear just fine. I tried headbanging (bad idea at my age), and they stayed put, which is very, very pleasing.


  • MINOR ANNOYANCE If you use the large wingtips, then you need to know that the earbuds don’t fit very well in the case. (see the picture of the buds in the case and you’ll see that the right wingtip bends a bit just to fit in properly). You have to force them in a little more than if you had the medium wingtips. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s kind of annoying because you feel like you have to force them a little more than is necessary, especially if you want to make sure that the charging contact points are touching so that the earbuds are indeed charging. Again, not a dealbreaker, just more like a minor annoyance.
  • Also, I’m happy to report that these do NOT stick out nearly as much as I was afraid that they would (they kind of do a bit, though). I’ve had the Bose SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds, and those stuck out of my head so much that the weight of the earbud itself would sometimes cause them to fall out. I also looked like the Frankenstein Monster, which is what I was afraid these would look like. Nothing doing as these look fine. They’re not flush against your head, but they also don’t stick out so much that you feel like you have giant bolts sticking out left and right. The earbuds are light, the tips make sure they stay put, and they’ve been pretty comfortable in my ears for a few hours at a time.
  • When I play the drums with these in, the sound of the drums is very well drowned out because the earbuds create a really nice seal. Even playing at full speed, they also stay in, which is really nice too.


  • These are really pretty. The case has a really nice and smooth matte feel. The earbuds are shiny (not that THAT matters), but very cool to look at, and feel nice in the hand.
  • The up and down motion of the sliding case is a nice touch, and it’s a very smooth click upwards, with a satisfying closing motion and feel as well.


  • As another reviewer stated, if you are not an audiophile and not particular to sound quality and just want a headset to listen to for this and that and just for general streaming, then you can find other sets (by Soundcore too, no less) for a lot less than the full price of these earbuds. They’ll do a decent enough job, and for things like exercise and whatnot, then you’re going to want to stick with earbuds that are designed more for exercise.

  • However, if you’re very particular to sound, then these may be worth a shot as far as bluetooth true wireless headsets go. Plus, the price isn’t a killer like certain other earbuds may be. The clarity of sound is very, very nice, I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of bass I could feel, just as much as I was just as happy to hear the “fullness” of some of the tracks I listened to (Try the Game of Thrones intro theme song at 192 kHz) and after that, I was hooked.

  • Ultimately, what you want vs. what you need is something that’s on you. I am an everyday listener to music, and I’m a little particular to sound (not a snob though because there’s a lot more than I don’t know), but I’ve always liked my music to sound clean, detailed, and with as much crispness as possible. These deliver in that regard, and as a result, I feel that they are worth the price, even w/o a discount…although if you can snag 'em for a discount, you won’t regret it.


  • Sound quality
  • Tactile feel of the case AND the nice “snap” when you close it
  • USB C charging AND Wireless charging (though you’ll need a lay-flat charging pad and not a stand)

  • Large wingtips makes you force the buds into the case
  • They aren’t quit flush against your head, but with this much tech packed in, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take
  • I wish they were sweat-proof so I can enjoy this kind of sound during a workout too (very much a nit-picky thing)

Good written review.
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Great review! Thank you for sharing!

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Great review with a lot of details and formatted nicely. Unfortunately, it just makes me want to receive mine all the more!! Ha ha!!

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Interesting title. Great review nonetheless

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Great in depth review, it was enjoyable reading about your experience with the buds.

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