Liberty 2 pro battery drain

My brand new soundcore liberty 2 pro earbuds are not getting near the 8 hour battery life touted by anker. The best I get is 5 hrs 45 min on the left bud and 6 hrs 50 mins on the right, Anyone out there having this problem or know the cause?

I don’t own, but the volume level is an obvious question. 8 hours is up to and then at 60% volume. So I imagine it’s less than 8 hours in other situations.

Given your details and what is online, 8 hours is not a typical but nearer to a maximum, is the implication. Others who own these buds can probably help better.


I play at 60 to 75 % vol. Youtube reviwers are stating that they are getting 8 hours at 70%. I did a test at 50% volume with identical battery drain results.

Well then, you’ve done a pretty good job therefore of proving it’s a dud unit.

Email above with serial number, purchase evidence, and description of fault and all you did to eliminate the obvious causes. Anker work weekdays only so expect response next business day.