Liberty 2 earbuds stopped stereo pairing to anything this morning.

They will both pair to my phone, or my laptop… but as separate bluetooth devices. Only one will issue media sound, but I can still use the other one to prompt google assistant. I can switch which one plays media by changing the order in which I pair them, but they will not pair as a stereo output at all. I have owned them since last year, so I am thoroughly aware of how to “reset” their connection, but they absolutely will not connect as they did for the last several months.
Running Windows 10 on the laptop, and updated android on the phone.

That is not a fault.

These do not support multipoint. When you connect as say headset you cannot also connect as headphone.

If you connect to Android as headphones then attempt to connect to laptop it won’t work reliably.

Best answer is two audio devices like one just for laptop and one for phone.

You can just about hack it by trial and error. In my case if I connect to laptop first as headphones then connect to phone as phone call then they can connect to both so if phone rings I can take the call but when that happens I have to disconnect and reconnect to laptop.

Multipoint headphones do exist such as the Q30 and possibly eventually there may be multipoint earbuds.

If you do find a method which works for you please post here to help future users in same combination.

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