Level 11 club

Well that was faster than I thought.

To wit Josh will be along to say he’s been there for weeks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems to happen at 24000 points.

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Congrats @nigelhealy, I reached level 5 yesterday :grin:

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I’ve been there for a couple weeks :wink:

So if I shoot an arrow if its 6000 points per level then Level 12 = 30000pts?

I’ve got a ways to go then…

What do you think of the 10.5" iPad?

I see two numbers. The one the left is fine, I like 10" tablets, the number on the right seems wrong. It seems to have been accidentally doubled in price relative to the hardware manufacturing cost. That’s fine, if it is any good it will be obtainable for say $349 in a year or so. So all we need to do is ignore it for a year. The number on the right will then be correct.


Great Scott!! New powers unlocked

I know, look what I can do now.

Great for popcorn and smores

Congrats @nigelhealy , thought it would have been around the 24k mark. I would guess at 30k for the next level also (the pattern seems to be 2k on top of the previous amount between levels)

Well he does have a leg up at 122 topics created :smirk:

That’s fine every Spock has his Kirk.

Congrats @nigelhealy! :tada:

Congrats @nigelhealy. As I was typing this, I just reached Level 8. LOL.

Cool, I hope you like the jetpack at level 8

I’ll just sit here and keep my Level 8 position lol.

Will you be delivering this to my place soon? LOL. I could go for a ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

No its sent to you by yourself using the time machine you get at Level 10. It will all become clear.

That gif reminds me of the movie “the time machine” starring guy pierce :joy: